Frequently Asked Questions
Can the assist servers access my computer?
No, the assist servers are only used for tunneling the connection over the internet. All data exchanged between the assistant and your computer is encrypted over SSH. The command generated for you to give to the assistant contains all keys necessary to setup a secure connection over SSH. This setup is designed such that a compromised server with the ability to passively monitor or actively modify traffic cannot see or interact with user sessions.
Does allowing someone to assist me give them control over my computer?
Yes, you should only allow use assist with people if you can trust with your computer. A person logged into your assist session can potentially access any of your files or install malicious software. Allowing someone to assist you is similar to physically allowing someone access to your computer. Assist is meant to be used in situations where you would be okay letting someone use your computer while you are not around.
Can I allow my assistant to connect to me directly without using a tunnel?
The 'assist' command-line executable accepts a --local flag to specify that you don't want to use the tunnel server. The local flags takes an argument specifying the IP that you would like assist to listen for connections on. This IP will also be used in the generated command that is meant to be pasted to the assistant.